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Black Lake (Crno Jezero)



Black Lake (Crno Jezero) is the biggest of Durmitor's  "mountain eyes". This lake is on the other side of Durmitor N.P. and it is popular by tourists. From Ravnjak hotel you need to drive alond the park to The Great Bridge and then turn left from it towards Zabljak ski resort. Following signs to "Crno Jezero" you will reach a parking area. After finding a parking spot, you will need to pay an entree fee in a kiosk, and then you can walk 700m along an asphalt pedestrian road to the lake.  In many kiosks along the pass you can buy souvenirs and other popular tourist goods, as dry mushrooms, honey, berry juices and berry vines presumably made by locals. You will find a restaurant and some sculptures made from tree roots, when you reach the lake.  It is popular to walk around the Black lake. During summer you would not need special hiking boots for this hike.  The lake has a form of figure eight. For most of the summer the water level is low and the lake is spitted into two lakes. You would need about one hour to walk around the larger one of them. If you would like to swim in the lake, you need to have in mind that, even it is the deepest from Durmitor N.P. lakes, but near the shore it is shallow and you would need to do some walking to be deep enough.



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