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Canyoning in Tara Canyon ‘Devil’s lanes’


With a guided tour alond the most beatiful part of Tara River Canyon "Djavolje lazi" (Devil's lanes) we offer a completely new perspective on Tara Canyon. Ironically the Devil’s lanes are known for the tamed nature of the water. This option is available to practically anyone.  Unlike the Nevideo canyon, with this mild decent, you may choose to swim with the current through most parts or hike and climb along the shore. Nonetheless for the adrenaline junkies the path presents many opportunities for cliff and rock diving, identified by our guide.



-Duration 3-4 hours

-Departure: 07.00-13.00

-Transport to and from location

-Local guide

-Gear included in the price

-Minimum of 3 people is required

-Minimum age 10 (individuals under 16 must be under parental supervision)

язык / language : Russian    English    Dutch

German    French