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Mirror lake of Durmitor N.P. (Zabojsko)



One of many hiking routes that start from the hotel leads to one of Durmitor's  "mountain eyes" - the glacial lake Zabojsko. This lake is the most pristine lake of Durmitor N.P. and it loved by locals, because even in a peak of tourist season it is not likely to find severel people on its banks. It is rather deep -19m and very picturesque. By hiking from the hotel you can reach it in 2.5 hours, but you will be hiking up a serpentine of an ancient road "Spindirus", so you need good hiking shoes and nordic walking sticks, which you can take on the reception. 

Spindirus trail is one of the most beautiful and definitely the most diverse from all hiking routes here, however, you think that walking up steep serpentine trail sometimes with rolling rocks rolling under your feet is not for you, you can take a jeep tour there, which also include a hike around Zaboj (Salaugter) forest, Divljak (Wild) mountain and the upper part of Spindirus valley, the itinerary is below.

Jeep and hike tour of Mirror Lake and Slaughter forest (4 hours):

1. Drive to Dobrilovina by car: an observation spot at the entrance to the Devil's Trails Gorge (Djavolje lazi) on the Tara River, a short walk in the heart of the Durmitor National Park - Crna Poda Forest (the only Black Pine Forest in the world), several photo breaks for picturesque landscapes on Djavolje lazi - the narrowest part of the Tara canyon), optionally visiting the medieval monastery of Dobrilovina;

2. Accent on four-wheel drive up the logging road to ancient Hunting Grounds "Slaughter" forest (Zaboj) - an area of high mountain plains covered with coniferous forests.

3. Visit and walk along the most beautiful and most pristine glacial lake of the park Durmitor - Zaboysko lake. At the lake, a pause for a picnic.

4. A trip from the Slaughter forest to the high-mountain meadows of the Dinar Alps around the Wild mountain (Divlyak).

5. Two variants of a hike a) an easy hike to the top of Wild (Divlyak) mountain.

b) a walk from the rocks of the Divlyak mountain through the Edge (Kraeva) valley along the picturesque ancient road "Spindirush".


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