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Krstac (Cross) mountain


After 1.5 hours of navigating loggers' roads in the mountains a specially modified jeep of Ravnjak hotel can bring you to Krstac mountain. From the top of Krstac you can see Tara Canyon towards the west, Tara valley towards the east (towards Mojkovac) and the canyon of Bistrica river, where you find Ravnjak hotel almast below the cliff on which you are standing. Crstac is one of the highest points on the walls of Tara Canyon - the world's second deepest canyon. Here you will be able to have a sight on a breathtaking one and kilometre drop into the second deepest canyon of the world. You also can reach this place by hiking from the hotel through Ravnjak meadows, an ancient shepherds’ road to the largest pasture of Europe (Sinjajevina), then turning right after a steep serpentine and walking along cliffs just above Ravnjak hotel. This hike will require at least 4 hours one way, therefore, if you are not ready to spend the whole day in the mountains, we would rather recommend you to go on a jeep tour with of one of the local guides, the itinerary of one tour that you can organize though Ravnjak hotel is below. 


Jeep tour to Figting cliffs (Boricje), Cross (Krstac) mountain (6 hours):

1. Drive to Dobrilovina by car: on the way a short walk through Crna Poda (Black Pime) forest to the viewing spot at the entrance into Devil's Trails gorge (Davolje lazi) - the narrowest part of the Tara canyon;

2. Accent on a four-wheel drive up the loggers' road to ancient Hunting Grounds Zaboj (Slaughter) forest - an area of high mountain plains covered with coniferous forests.

3. Drive on loggers' roads farther east to Boricje.

4. Walk along the cliffs enjoying views over 1 km down Sokolovina (Falcon country) in Tara Valley, picnic.

5. A short drive towards Krstac (Cross) mountain.

6. Walk along cliffs with stunning views on Tara Valley towards Mojkovac city, Bistrica river, Ravnjak hotel and Tara Springs Wildlife Park.

7. Drive back, while stopping at the most beautiful, as well as the most pristine glacial lake of the park Durmitor - Zaboysko lake.

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