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Mountain-Biking/ hiking


Seven hiking routes start from the hotel into Durmitor National Park and surrounding areas of stunning natural beauty: Mirror lake of Durmitor (Zabojsko jezero), Mountain meadows of Dinaric Alps, Devils Lanes Canyon of Tara Gorge, Field of Fier (Ognevo-Pole), Bistrica river to the village, Tara/Bysrtica river junction, Dobrilovina monastery to Blue bridge over Tara, Crna Poda (Black Pine endemic forest, for protection of which Durmitor N.P. has been created).
Many unpaved mountain roads on both sides of Tara canyon used by local guids to bring tourists to most picturesque viewing points or highest points of hiking trails, from wich hikers can walk down to Ravnjak Hotel: Wild (Divljak) mountain, Fighting cliffs (Boricje), Dead and alive forests cliffs (Stup), Alpine meadows of Rose church (Ruzica).
We provide maps and GPS files, hiking and mountain sports equipment and transportation to highest points of hiking trails.
Please visit our instagram page "#motenegrotaracanyon" or Facebook page "Hotel Ravnjak" for constantly updated videos and photos of outddor activities around Ravnjak hotel.


Recommended routes:


Mountain bikes are available for rent at a price : 15€ per day. Reservations must be made in advance.

Our recommended trail is Tara Springs park down the river to Bistrica village and back on paved P-4 road to the hotel. Another great destination is the Black Pine Forest of Durmitor National Park. We also provide guided tours or transportation on request to destinations such as: 

-       Ledena Pecina (Ice Cave)

-       Crno jezero (Black Lake)

-       Zabojska Jezero (glacial lake)

-       Biogradska Gora (mountain of Belgrade)

-       Monastery in Dobrilovina (12th-century abbey)

-       Ruzica (hign mountain settlement and a church) 


Guided hiking trip to Ruzica (about 6 hours). Planina (mountain range) 

This offer includes: 1. Breakfast at the hotel; 2. Hike to the church Ruzica: ascend through the canyon of river Ravnjak, follow it to it's source; follow the trail climb on the forest slopes up to the very top of the mountains of Sinjajevina, subsequenly following the cliff side to enjoy it's beautifull views of the tara river and the diverse landscape. The trail then continues to the church on Ruzica built by the first Montenegrin King Nikola I Petrovic Njegoš as a gift to the people settled on the mountain. 3. Pause for a snack and continue towards Katun (mountain village) Doke where we learn of the tradional way of life on the mountain. After a brief descend down the moutain the trail leads to a beautifull place of clear water rich of mountain springs, also know for its wild inhabtiant deers. 4. Transport to the hotel 5. Lunch at the hotel. Price per person: 28€ for groups of 4 do 8 people; 25€ for groups of 8 people and more.


Hiking from Zabojskoje Jezero (lake) down to the Hotel (duration 3-4 h) Planina (mountain range) 

Included in this offer: 1. Breakfast at the hotel, 2. Transport to the glacial lake: Zabojskoje Jezero (lake) 3. After some time at the lake the hike goes though the planina (mountains) with a local guide (hiking paths are provided through the forest areas of the mountain massif Sinjajevina, after that the route goes to the beautiful mountains and plateaus where the group will pause to enjoy the spectacular view of the Tara Canyon from above, followed by a descent into the valley of the river of Ravnjak, descending through the ancient path way Spindirush down to the Ravnjak spring itself) 4. Lunch at the hotel.  Price per person: 23€ for groups of 4 do 8 people; 21€ for groups of 8 people and more.


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