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We and our associates offer a variety of leisure, recreational and extreme sport activities to accompany your stay in Montenegro. Please feel free to look around and if needed our staff will be more than happy to help to shape your holiday.


White Water Rafting

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Biking/Hiking



Hotel Ravnjak is situated in the depths of the mountain massif Sinjajevina. 15 km away from Mojkovac it lies right on the entrance to Durmitor National Park. Around the hotel are numerous wonders of the close at hand national parks, Durmitor and Biogradska Gora. These are the summits ‘Bobotov Kuk’, ‘Medjed’ and ‘Bjelasica Mountain’. These are the glacial lakes that locals name ‘Gorske Oci’ (The Mountains’ Eyes), ‘Biogradsko Jezero’, ‘Zabojska Jezero’ and ‘Crna Jezero’. This is the forest of Black Pines (unique to its kind across the world). These are the cultural highlights dating from ancient to modern times: monasteries in the valley of the Tara river, monastery Moraca; ruins of the town and fortifications, bridges and watch-towers, necropolises with tombstones; the Great bridge over Djurdjevica Tara canyon. This is the great bridge over Tara Canyon and ethnographic sights such as: windmills and traditional homes of Montenegrins "savardak".

The hotel organizes a variety of activities to explore these magnificant surroundings: trips with 4x4 cars, rafting on Tara River, and other mountain sports, hiking,  horseback riding tours, speleological trips and thematic tours for bird, animal watching and finding endemic flora within the national parks territories can be provided if reserved in advance. Moreover mountain bicycles are available for rent at the hotel.


Kayaking "Tara River"

A guided ±3 hour journey down the Tara River in a single-seater kayak.

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the canyon; safety and technique tutorial and other information is given about the surroundings during the trip; we can also provide digital videos and pictures of you and your group.

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White Water Rafting

With the underlying rock being predominately limestone Montenegro gives way to the formation of the second longest canyon in the world. The Tara river swerves it’s way through the rocky hedges, fuelled by melting snow-caps and seasonal rains, bringing diversity and fertility to the land. Currently, one of the most popular ways to explore the wonders of the Tara River is rafting. The rafting tours range from 1 to 3 days. The most common in midsummer is the 18 km descent that takes place in Durmitor National Park, leaving from Brstanovica and ending in Scepan Polje. The longer trips may be arranged on request.

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Canyoning "Devil's Lanes"

While white water rafting remains the most popular form to explore the wonders of the Tara Canyon, the versatility of this natural oasis does not end there.  With a guided tour the Djavolje lazi (Devil's lanes) we offer a completely new perspective on the Canyon. Ironically the Devil’s lanes are known for the tamed nature of the water. This option is available to practically anyone. 


Unlike the Nevideo canyon, with this mild decent, you may choose to swim with the current through most parts or hike and climb along the shore. Nonetheless for the adrenaline junkies the path presents many opportunities for cliff and rock diving, identified by our guide.

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Canyoning "Nevidio Canyon"

Located in the central part of Montenegro the river Komarnica lies between the mountains of Durmitor and Vojnik. The region of interest carries the name ‘Nevidio’ meaning ‘Never seen’. Explored first in 1965, it was the last explored canyon in Europe, and to this day the canyon lives up to its’ name as one of the sparsely visited locations. Unpaved, bewildered, unseen, Nevidio is the epitome of elements for all nature and sports enthusiasts. In the deep and curvy canyon spanning over 3km you will swiftly swim with the stream frequently slowed by rocky bridges. You will jump from numerous waterfalls and emerge from whirls. You will climb trough narrow passages, and dive into unknown territory. You will be strictly guided by our instructors to ensure your safety and to maximize the benefits of the experience. As we write this segment, we come to understand how difficult it is to describe in words the magnificence of this natural phenomenon. Surely, it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

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Experience the Montenegrian landscape from a bird’s eye view. Fly from the mountaintops down into the farmer fields while creating some impressive twists and turns. Our guides will make sure you will get the most out of this experience. The descents are made possible on different locations.


Equipment is also available for rent, if presented with an acknowledged BHPA qualification.

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Mountain biking/hiking

Mountain bikes are available for rent, great destinations in near proximity is the Black Forest of Durmitor National Park. We also provide guided tours or transportation on request to destinations as


-       Ledena Pecina (Ice Cave)

-       Crno jezero (Black Lake)

-       Zabojska Jezero

-       Biogradska Gora


Our recommended trail is the descent from Zabojska Jezero down to Ravnjak. To all destinations we provide (if needed) 4x4 transport.

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